Depth Charge Fishing

At the start of 2013 I had a loose 2 year plan. During the first year I would make lots of little things and try to learn some coding with Unity. I would also use this time to find out about all the various ways to distribute games, update them, etc. Coincidentally as I started I learnt about the #1GAM website so instead of making 3 or 4 games as originally intended I finished 2013 with 14 games under my belt. Go and check the results!

Welcome back!
My next step in my plan would then be to take one or two of these games and make them into 'proper' games. Coincidentally, again, this was suggested for Year 2 of #1GAM so I'm really happy that I'll be able to continue to participate with that.

I was finding it difficult to make a decision as to what to choose but during a Christmas Eve shower I had a spark of inspiration and I've made the decision to take my Super Bomb Drop DX game, use that as a prototype, give it a theme and run with that game mechanic and see where it takes me. There's a loose plan/design so I have an initial direction but you know how these things go. :)

So, I'll be posting the latest WIP of the PC version on GameJolt (as I've been happy with the constructive feedback of the community there) and adding it to #1GAM. Things always move rapidly at the start so hopefully I'll be posting much more frequently here with how things are going. There's a artist friend involved so hopefully there should be some nice pictures along the way as well. I'll also be trying to make use of youtube, Vine, etc so there are WIP videos going around as well. Should be exciting and I'm looking forward to slowly chipping away at this game over a period of time rather than worrying about what to make each month (as enjoyable as that was).

Happy New Year!!