Billy J Swarth PatRub update

Some time last year I made a game called PatRub. The prototype had existed for ages and a guy got in touch asking if they could contribute art towards a project. PatRub was sitting there so I put it forward and some cool (but slightly sinister) art was made. As it was about to finish, I randomly got in touch with David Gallant (of 'I Get This Call Every Day' fame) and asked if he would be up for including the Billy J Swarth from that game in my own. As I recall I think I only asked as he was tweeting about loving the idea of seeing Billy in other games. Then, a few days ago, out of the blue, David got in touch and sent me the required assets. Awesome! So I've quickly dropped them in and added the option of choosing characters on the title screen. So PatRub 2.0 is now live on that there GameJolt. Check it out!.