Depth Charge Fishing v0.5

A new update for the game this evening.
We are gradually adding in more and more bits of art and its starting to look pretty sweet now. I gradually chipped away at it over a few nights, but the first pass of the Boat Customisation screen is in. There are 3 boats, each with a different set of attributes but then the player can use the coins they collect to boost each attribute further. There is no a persistent high score and coin wallet which are stored locally. Seems to all work pretty nicely so I'm really happy with how that came together.

I'm finding that mocking things up in PowerPoint and animating them is really helping me to think things through properly so when it comes to development it all comes together very smoothly. I'm convinced that extra but of thinking time at the start saves loads of time down the line.

I insist that you go and play the latest version right now over at that there GameJolt.