Take Two Tablets will reach its 6 month anniversary at the end of May and I'm very pleased with how things how been going. I've pretty much accomplished what I set out to do so far which is very encouraging for me and, with a second person joining the adventure very soon, I thought it would be nice to review where we are so far and what we might be up to in the future.

My original aim was to make a range of quick games under the Minima moniker and the onegameamonth website has encouraged me to get them out nice and quick. So far I've released 6 - SuperBombDropDX, Pollination, A Perfect Time to Panic, Together, Inca Blast and Count to Ten. You can play them all (except Inca Blast) for free at GameJolt or splash out a few pence for the Android versions by following the links. Due to very limited time and lack of art resource, they are more prototypes than full games but I've used these to get some nice feedback and say hello to people so it's all good.

Anyway, there's an art type coming on board now so we should see lovely pictures and all sorts so look out for that!