Infinite Candy Crossing

King - creators of Candy Bejewelled Saga and Peggle Pear Saga - have been a little bit aggressive in the protection of their 'unique' and 'innovative' IP recently. I would understand using this to get rid of other apps obviously cashing in on their success but unfortunately they went after Stoic - creators of Banner Saga - which was a bit out of order.

As a reaction to this there was a Candy Jam where developers were encouraged to create a flood of games to make a mockery of King's actions. I took Infinite Frog Crossing and updated it to become Infinite Candy Crossing. It only took a few hours of an evening but I liked the irony of putting in a game which was basically a rip-off (homage!) to Frogger.

Anyways, you can play it for free at that there GameJolt.