Lots Going On!

The lack of blog posts here may lead you to believe that nothing much is going on but, on the contrary, its all busy, busy, busy.

The last entry goes all the way back to Inca Blast which was doing ok and regularly getting 20-30 plays a day on Game Jolt. But last weekend it got two 4 out of 5 reviews, which are good but brought its score average down enough to remove it from the front page of Puzzle games. Bit of a shame.

Since Inca Blast I've been really restricted in the time I can allocate to doing my games each month so its been a real challenge to keep up-to-date on the onegameamonth initiative. Count to Ten, 100 Poems, Don't Look Down, Containment and Infinite Frog Crossing have all come out over the last few months. Containment didn't really work as well as I thought it would but I'm pretty happy with the rest. Don't Look Down received a review on a German website which seems positive via a Google Translate, check it out for yourselves here

The September #1GAM is going equally slowly but there's a very good chance that this one will have proper art in it as well as some pleasing audio thanks to a collaborator.

Things are also getting to the point now where I really want to work on something with a bit more meat on it. Which is why I was happy to help an old work colleague out to produce a prototype of a collectable card game. We have submitted this to the Indie Dev Grant and you can play the current version right here. There's also another game I'm working on which has been frustratingly slow going and I need to put my foot down and get moving with that one.

So, yeah, lots going on.