Plan for Jump to Light Speed

My May onegameamonth will be Jump To Light Speed which is a vertical shooter in the style of Xenon 2 and its ilk. It's occurred to me that my January and March games are sort of prequels that have led up to this game as they feature the same basic building blocks. Also I've made an early start on my May onegameamonth because it is a bit more ambitious than previous games. But I've realised that I can split the game into 3 distinctive sections.

So May will be the base shooter gameplay. June will be a quick prototype for the collectable card layer before the actual addition is implemented in JtLS in July. Then August will see a map feature added.

So this game will launch for free in May. Then be updated to add features which potentially could work as a F2P game. If I really want to go that way with it.

It's nice to have a plan.