Post Mortem: Inca Blast

People seemed to really like my first game but it took until this 5th Minima game until I finally made a game where I thought 'Yeah, this is a good one' and was really proud of it.

After the Together game, I wanted to try another single screen multiplayer game but give myself more time to do something a bit more sophisticated and polished. The spark of an idea started as wanting to do a Hungry Hippos style of gameplay. So I cracked on with that and got it up and running pretty quickly.

It worked and all but it occurred to me that I could create a single player game if I made different colours of targets to match the different colours of buttons. I built a number of templates that could be randomly generated and provide an infinite length of challenge.
This game got more attention than any other game I've done and it still holds my record for the most number of plays on GameJolt for any of my games.
At some point I want to revisit this game and make even more sophisticated layouts and start adding mirrors and other such obstacles but, as usual, its finding the time.

As an aside, there was a potential opportunity for this game to become something proper which required me to remake it in Construct2. I think it is testament to the power of that Editor that I got the game running in no time at all and could run in on one of those Firefox phones that came out a while ago. Must use that again sometime...
This game also directly influenced Lazarenko Wilson which came many months later.