Post Mortem: SuperBombDropDX

The first of my games was done before I noticed that #1GAM was a thing. I was new to coding and Unity so the creation of the first game was very organic. I initially started following the Unity tutorials but I found that I was just copying what they said rather than trying to understand what was actually involved. So I started from a fresh project and asked myself a series of questions to try and make a mechanically simple game.
With SuperBombDropDX, it went along the lines of:
* How do I make objects move across the screen?
* How do I make a bomb fall down the screen when I tap it (or press a button)?
* How do I get the bomb to collide with the moving targets and destroy each other before creating an explosion?
* How do I track scores and display them on a HUD? And then save them to keep a high score?
* How do I add audio?
I looked up how to do each individual thing to gradually build up the game. The gameplay was kind of done then so I quickly added title and results screens to finish it off.

So the game itself was purposefully pretty straightforward. But I had to then look at signing up to all the stores and getting it published everywhere to find out the quirks for all the methods of distribution:
* GooglePlay / Amazon (android)
* GameJolt / Kongregate (free webplayer versions with advertising revenue)
* Gumroad / (releasing on my own website)
* IndieCity / IndieVania (pc download portals)
Since I originally made this game I've already updated it a few times. Following feedback from players I changed the colours in the game, I added some power-ups which mixes it up a bit and I also added a duel mode for 2 players on a single touch screen which is great fun.

This month I have gone back to this game and its amazing how badly the code looks, so now I'm looking at updating it using the knowledge I have obtained since. While I'm doing this I'll be taking the opportunity to add a few new things in again.

Fancy downloading the game and giving it a go? ... Oh... Well, the links follow anyway (and look out for the forthcoming update!):
googleplay amazon
itchio gamejolt indiecity kongregate