Vertigo Alpha v0.2.1

OK. The first phase has already been completed. I made a really quick prototype to see if this vertical platformer would actually work and be fun to play.

I enjoyed it but I seem to have a habit of liking games that are awkward to play - hello P.N.03. - but two people played it a few days ago and gave it pretty nice feedback and offered some constructive suggestions on how to improve it. Which was nice.

Seeing as we are starting these updates late, I'll quickly update what has happened so far:
* I made a level that randomly generates as the player ascends. Some of these platforms have power-ups on them, so have souls that can be collected.
* I created the tide that follows the player - this consumes platforms, power-ups, souls as it touches them as well as killing the player. A nice touch (I thought) was that the tide slows slightly as it nears the player so those last tense moments on the edge of dying are stretched out.
* I added a camera shake based on the distance from the tide.
* I added a basic economy where players collect souls and can then spend them on the results screen to upgrade the power-ups in the game. [I've disabled this for now because I need to remove a power-up that is obsolete now].
* The latest thing I did was quickly add in some placeholder audio for those guys to play the game because even blips and beeps make a massive difference over complete silence. I'm sure you already know about it already but check out for an easy-to-use application for such things.