Vertigo Alpha v0.2.3

For today's update I have added a 3rd power-up which will temporarily double the value of all souls collected for a limited time. A handy "x2" notification appears by the souls score to communicate this fact. Whilst doing this it occurred to me that I haven't got any player feedback for the magnet power-up. I created a quick reverse-suck(TM) particle effect but unfortunately haven't got time to add it tonight. Something to look forward to though, isn't it.

I also quickly added some sparkles to the souls sitting in the level. Whilst not groundbreaking special effects, it amused me and helps with the feeling of movement by having particles floating around world space.

Now I have 3 useful power-ups again, I want to bring the upgrading mechanic back on-line. This allows players to spend their souls to make the power-ups more effective - bigger radius, longer lasting and so on. Good stuff!

By the way, if you are enjoying this then feel free to send me some feedback or suggestions for improvements. Taverymuch.

Edit: I just managed to quickly get the magnet feedback effect in and while I was there I extended its area of influence based on some feedback from @Republicof1