Vertigo Alpha v0.2.4

Hello. Sorry about the delay but my day job was very busy last week - all good though!

Anyway, for this update I concentrated on dealing with some feedback about the power-up objects. Previously they were just different coloured boxes which weren't exactly obvious to the player what was going to happen when they jumped on it. I've added some objects that I built in Sketchup - hence the crudity - but even these objects make a big difference. Now the player has a better idea of what will happen when they collide with these objects - they also stand out from the primitive shapes all over the rest of the game so they look pretty special.

Now I have 3 power-up again, I've turned the Store back on that sits in the results screen so you can spend your hard earned souls on improving the power-ups that appear within the world. It strikes me that these will need balancing at some point.

I also thought I'd found a fix for the bug that sometimes sets the layout in such a way that the player cannot reach a platform from the start. It should work ... but ... it doesn't. It should keep trying until it can place one ... but ... it doesn't. Hmm.

Oh, and some proper audio might be coming this way soon. Isn't it exciting!!