Vertigo Alpha v0.2.6

Another update based on feedback from all the people mentioned in the last few updates. This version updated the following...

I was having a problem where, sometimes, nothing would spawn on the first layer of platforms after the start position. I thought I'd added something that checked for this and compensate but there problem persisted. But it occurred to me that it would benefit the player to have a straightforward, non-random start to the ascent anyway, so I removed the first 3 random layers and triggered something fixed that introduces the player gently.

Fixed a bug where the tide would not kill you if you remained still. The bug has been in for a while and I've tried a few things to fix it but nothing worked. Then I noticed that the tide's death plane didn't have a Rigidbody component. Whoops. Schoolboy error.

Made the minor adjustment of making the death plane slightly higher in the tide. It felt a bit odd that you felt so far into the mess before expiring.

I had a quick mess around with the particle editor and ended up with a much nicer magnet effect so I've added that in.

I also made a start of getting a fly-in done for the start of the game but I'm too tired to finish. Maybe next time...