Vertigo Alpha v0.2.7

Another update last night that included:

I've decreased the drag on the player object so that it falls faster through the air so if you are falling to your doom you don't have to wait so long for the end. Pretty much everyone who played the game commented about that so I thought I should fix it. There was a knock on effect of making the jump and boost values far too powerful so I had to quicker rebalance those but I think I've got them back to how they used to be.

I added some credits. Usually not the most important of features but I was feeling slightly guilty for not acknowledging the people who are giving me feedback on the game. So now I can sleep soundly at night. Phew.

I reduced the height milestones that trigger the colour changes on the platforms. Just so those players that struggle may actually get to see that happening.

The shadow under the character still isn't working. Pfff.